Want high end design without the high price? Here are eleven gorgeous and inexpensive dupes of the beloved RH style.

Do you adore the rustic moody elegance of Restoration Hardware style but cringe over the uncomfortably high price tags? With each page turn of their seasonal catalog I think, “I must have these things in my home” only to be further let down by the cost. You with me?

Here’s the good news!

You and I aren’t alone. My Facebook community Restoration Hardware/Arhaus and Transitional Inspired Decor group (come join us!) includes more than 50,000 members most of which feel the same way. I see posts every day from members asking for Restoration Hardware look alikes and dupes.

Because we all want the designer look without paying a designer price. Otherwise, where’s all fun in decorating? There no better feeling than achieving a desired look for half the price!

I’ve searched some of my favorite (and much less expensive) but still great quality, furniture retailers to bring you Restoration Hardware dupes. You’re welcome and happy shopping!

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11 Affordable Restoration Hardware Dupes You Need to Have in Your Home

Chandelier – RH $6,545 / Alternative $2,256

Zoomed Image

Sofa Loveseat – RH $5,295 / Alternative $1,199

Dining Table – RH $6,190 / Alternative $2,099

Hornick Mango Solid Wood Dining Table

Ceiling Light – RH $2,230 / Alternative $539

Alcesta 16 - Light Candle Style Wagon Wheel Chandelier

Area Rug 8×10 – RH $6,225 / Alternative $350

Bed – RH $5,340 / Alternative $1,649

Modern Mixed Reclaimed Wood Bed - Black Olive

Cabinet – RH $4,520 / Alternative $2,849

Aurel Storage Cabinet

Trays & Troughs – RH $205 / Alternative $40

14" x 10" Decorative Marble Rectangle Tray White - Project 62™ - image 1 of 7

Nightstands – RH $1,195 / Alternative $800

Emile 36

Bar Stools – RH $945 / Alternative $399

Coffee Table – RH $2,255 / Alternative $399

Emmerson® Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table - Stone Gray