The most common comment I hear from frustrated home owners looking to achieve an expensive looking space is, “Unless I spend tons of money, my home will never be…” This is such a myth! Let me say that differently.

You absolutely do NOT need to spend a ton of hard-earned dollars on high-end furniture and accessories. Sure if your budget allows for it, enjoy the ride!

But for most of us, this is simply not the case. We shop on a budget and cost is always a factor.

The good news is, there is hope! These four simple decorating tips are affordable and easy to implement.

In a matter of days, quick changes will help elevate your space and make it look like you’ve spent a lot more than you actually did!

The most important thing with any of these tips is to keep the focus on quality. A poorly made anything won’t make the room look more luxurious. Quite the opposite actually!

For example, adding a cheap looking/feeling fur throw to a living room couch might make the entire room look cheaper!

Mission NOT accomplished.

Read on for a crash course on transforming your blah looking room into a high-end expensive looking space you can’t wait to enjoy.

4 Simple Decorating Tips for Making a Room Look More Expensive

1. Spend Money Where It Matters

Have you ever walked into an impeccably decorated room, attempted to further enjoy the space by sitting down and suddenly were met with a wave of disappointment? Instead of a plush place to rest your tush, the sofa feels more like a cardboard box.

Trust me, you will never regret investing dollars into the furniture pieces that are used daily. The point is, it doesn’t matter how perfect the place looks. If it doesn’t offer comfort, no one will enjoy being there. Spending money on cheap casegoods (sofas, chairs, etc.) is a big mistake lots of people make as they attempt to “design on a dime”.

That’s not to say budget-friendly retailers such as Wayfair or Target don’t offer affordable, stylish AND comfortable options. However, if budget precedes quality and comfort, you’ll be in trouble over time. Some of my favorite retailers for affordable and long-lasting, comfortable seating is Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn, and West Elm.

2. Don’t Underestimate Accessories

As I mentioned earlier, a cheap throw pillow or poorly made area rug can literally make or break a space. No, this doesn’t mean your accessories all need to come from Neiman Marcus. However, know what to look for when shopping at discount home decor retailers such as Home Sense and At Home. These big box stores often times have treasures lurking on their shelves, but you’ll need to do some digging past the “Live, Love Laugh” signs in order to find them.

The right accessories can help elevate a space in a big way! Think shelf decor, table lamps, coffee table items – it all can work in harmony to make your room look Pinterest-worthy!

Steer clear of things made with cheap materials or finishes such as fabrics that will pull and pill, or cheaply made accessories with faux looking finishes.

3. Layered Lighting

This is a concept that interior designers use to incorporate a variety of lighting options into a space. Layered lighting feels luxurious and creates an ambiance that says “RH showroom”!

The good news is that pulling together a cohesive lighting plan doesn’t have to be difficult. If you’re working on a new build, you and your architect have the power to decide where recessed lights will be placed. Always opt for these…and on a dimmer switch for added control.

When it comes to fixtures, start with the largest statement piece in the room – the chandelier. Next, incorporate functional task lighting such as floor/table lamps. Finish off with accent lighting such as overhead cabinet or under shelving lights.

4. Stay Away from Anything Overly Trendy

I know the Instagram influencers of the world are rolling their eyes at me, but it’s the truth. Trends are quite literally defined by the speed at which they come…and eventually go. Don’t get caught spending your hard earned dollars on trends that aren’t designed to last. Otherwise, your space will look cheap and dated instead of expensive and timeless.

The only exception to this rule is the accessory you can’t live without – that putty-colored terracotta vase or abstract canvas wall art. You aren’t committing to a long-term investment when it comes to accessories, so you do have some wiggle room here.

However, stay away from larger furniture pieces that you’ll loathe in five years.