Where to find the best Arhaus dupes for a fraction of what the real stuff costs.

Recently, I’ve fallen in love with the Arhaus brand! They’ve nailed the transitional style, if I’m honest, by blending traditional elements with modern finishes. Their timeless design and top quality textures just make me swoon…

Ah but if only their prices reflected our budget! Right up there with the hefty price tag of brands like Restoration Hardware and Rove Concepts, Arhaus isn’t for the frugal decorator. But that doesn’t mean you (and I) can’t be inspired by their website’s gorgeous imagery and score deals on exact dupes elsewhere!

You recently asked for my round-up of The Best Restoration Hardware Dupes, and so I’ve compiled the same here for my favorite Arhaus copycats. You won’t believe how exact some of these pieces are, especially when it comes to lighting. Some of these are just soo good, guys!

Enjoy shopping and do comment at the end of the article and let me know which you plan to purchase for your own space!

Arhaus Table Dupes

Arhaus Seating Dupes

Arhaus Lighting Dupes

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