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My Secrets to an Elegant Dining Room Look for Christmas

Dining rooms don’t have to feel stuffy, especially during the holidays with a few simple and elegant touches. Although some people have done away with a formal dining room, I simply love one! The kitchen eating area gets so much wear and tear throughout the week, it’s nice to have a space dedicated…

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12 Perfect Gift Ideas for Home Decor Lovers This Year

Give your friends and family the gift of a fabulous home this year with these perfect decor gift ideas! We all know that one person. The one with the flawless home interior and impeccable taste in decor. Their pillows are perfectly fluffed and every faux floral arrangement is stunning. So what the heck…

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8 Simple Ways to Transition Home Decor From Winter to Spring

How to refresh your decor in time for Spring and say goodbye to Winter at home. I always find it so funny, that first warm day in March. It seems the moment the temperature reaches somewhere above freezing, people get anxious to say goodbye to winter and transition to Spring. Not only their…

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