Dining rooms don’t have to feel stuffy, especially during the holidays with a few simple and elegant touches.

Although some people have done away with a formal dining room, I simply love one! The kitchen eating area gets so much wear and tear throughout the week, it’s nice to have a space dedicated for truly important guests and special occasions.

Plus, formal dining rooms are sooo pretty!

When it comes to decorating your dining room for the holidays, there are lots of ways to make the otherwise formal space feel warm and cozy – instead of stuffy and pretentious.

Here I’m sharing with you my Christmas dining room and how I tackled decorating it for the holidays. We plan to spend a lot of time in this room hosting and toasting!

An Elegant Christmas Dining Room Reveal

1. Place Setting

This plates set was bought for me by my husband back when Pier One still had their doors open. I still miss this store soo much! Although the set is no longer available, you can easily replicate this look.

I included a muted gold charger, a neutral dinner plate, a matching neutral salad/dessert plate, a decorating holiday bread plate, and white linen napkins with antique gold napkin holders.

Crystal water and wine glasses also adorned each place setting, along with beautiful brushed gold flatware I gifted myself last birthday.

2. Centerpiece

There is a fine balance between a holiday centerpiece that WOWs guests versus one that just gets in the way. Overloading your table will make it difficult for guests to relax. That said, this year I stuck with a simple approach.

One long 6′ piece of faux cedar garland started as my base. Then for a little bit of sparkle, I added another long piece of gold garland tucking pieces in and out throughout the cedar for an organic look.

Finally, I added gold skinny taper holders with white wax taper candles. Looking back, I could have opted for battery operated tapers like these from Amazon so the fear of melting wax or a fire hazard wasn’t a bother. Regardless, it looked elegant and our guests loved the look.

3. Console Table & Dining Chairs

Here’s where you can have some fun! A console table or cabinet is the perfect place to display more elaborate decor, lighting, greenery. I chose to arrange our 4′ table top family travel tree here and it is truly the perfect backdrop. For details on our travel tree and ornaments from around the world, check out this Instagram reel.

Hands down one of the most frequent compliments I received about our Christmas dining room was the mini wreaths on the backs of our side dining chairs. This is a look I’ve saved Pinterest pins of too many times. And finally this year with our upholstered tufted side chairs, I could made it happen.

The mini wreaths were purchased from Hobby Lobby and I tied a 2.5″ thick double-faced satin ribbon in mint at the bottom. (I crushed on satin ribbons big time this Christmas!) Then with a bobby pin secured to the top of each chair, I placed the wreath gently on top.

If you really want to secure these babies in place and make sure they aren’t falling off each time a guest pulls out his/her chair, you can insert a safety pin through the wreath, attach it to the chair fabric and close the safety pin.

4. Lighting

No Christmas setting would be complete without the proper lighting. I’m not talking about lamps and chandeliers (although my twin French empire chandeliers seemed perfectly poetic to adorn this year’s Christmas dining room), but rather the sparkle of holiday twinkle lights and candles. For links to my candles and holders, see above.

Thank you for allowing me to share our home during the Christmas season with you all!

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