How to Achieve a Cozy Attic Getaway in Your Home

As a writer and content creator, my favorite pieces to work on are collaborations with industry brands. When reached out to me and several other designers to partner on an article about designing attic spaces, I was thrilled! The chance to write plus writing about home decorating is the perfect synergy between my two of my loves in life.

The attic in our Chicago-based home was converted by the previous owners into a workout room. And despite efforts to commit to a daily workout for myself, we’ve kept it a workout room. But I have to tell you, I’ve had loads of additional ideas for what to do with this space.

Attics can be a tricky space to design and many home owners get stuck wondering, “what’s the most practical for my family?” Sometimes it’s easier to just throw your hands in the air and stuff the empty space with boxes of holiday decorations.

But what a waste, no?

If you’re someone that dreams of a cozy getaway attic space but aren’t sure where to start, you’ll love the ideas and tips shared in this article.

Create a Great
Escape: Attic Design Ideas for the Ultimate Cozy Nook