Before our family moved abroad to Spain in 2017, farmhouse style was all the rage! Every shop and home donned this popular decor style with galvanized milk jugs and chalk painted furniture. Then we left the United States for four years.

And somewhere between the launch of Chip & Joanna and the resurrection of mid-century modern, transitional decor style was born.

Kind of an emerging decor style, this fusion between modern and traditional is growing in popularity. Transitional is perfect for those that want something a little edgier than what traditional style offers – but not quite as trendy as where modern falls.

High-end brands such as Arhaus and Pottery Barn are known for carrying the neutral monochromatic selections that make up transitional style.

But if you aren’t someone with the budget to frequent such retailers, where and how do you shop for this popular decor style without sacrificing quality? Whew, this is a tricky one – but I realized that so many of you lovers of transitional style are probably wondering the same thing.

I’ve got you!

In this article I’m sharing stylish, high-quality, and affordable pieces for your transitional vibe home.

Where and How to Shop for Popular Transitional Decor

Before diving into my finds, it’s important to first understand what characteristics actually make up the transitional style. To be honest, it’s a little confusing. I mean, transitional in itself means ‘combining’ of two. It’s the grey area in between two very defined things – in this case, modern and traditional styles.

At a high level, the transitional style can be characterized with these elements – organic materials, mixed metals, trim work, a neutral color scheme, and minimal accessories. Balancing shapes such as pairing an angular sofa with a round side table is often seen. Refined yet not stuffy is the goal of the transitional style.

For more details on the transitional style and how it varies from traditional, read this article here.

Higher End Shops That Carry Transitional Style

If furniture and decor are looked at as more of an investment in your home and you have more flexibility with budget, here are the stores you’ll want to frequent. These are my favorites and where I look to draw inspiration for my own home.

Each of these stores offer unique selections, sourced materials, and exceptional craftsmanship in their products. The price tag will coincide with such an experience, but you will certainly NOT be disappointed.

Restoration Hardware

Budget Conscious Shops That Carry Transitional Style

Finding affordable transitional furnishings and accessories requires a careful eye and a little bit of digging. The good news is, it doesn’t mean you need to drop four figures on a coffee table. This is music to my frugal ears, since I hate paying retail price for…anything, really!


How can we talk about affordable finds without mentioning the treasures that can be scored in high-end retail OUTLETS!? Duh! Where we live in the Chicago suburbs, I’m super spoiled to have Restoration Hardware, Crate & Barrel, CB2, and Pottery Barn within 20 minutes. I’m not worthy!


Not sure where to find outlets in your area?

My IG friend, fellow blogger and influencer, That Outlet Girl, scours the country in search of them! Simply find your location or choose your retailer. She also gives amazing tips on how to shop at outlets and when to expect the lowest prices.

Sure, going this route will require some patience on your part – but when you find the piece you love at the right price, it’s totally worth it!

Okay, I know you might be reading this and rolling your eyes. But I’m a true believer that with a little bit of research and lots of customer review reading, you can find gorgeous pieces for a fraction of the price! I certainly have.

Some of the dupes I’ve published on my come from Wayfair and are damn near the exact replica of the designer brand. Take this living room inspirational rendering I created, for example. Everything in this visual is from Wayfair – everything.

To see pricing and availability, click on the image or the link in caption.

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The other day I popped into my local Target store to peruse the new spring line. I’m not typically a die hard Targeteer, but I like to occasionally go just to feel like part of the cool moms club. I liked some of what I saw, while other items left me wanting more.

That said, Target can be a great place for finding Transitional style items as long as you know what to look for. Buyer beware, don’t fall into the Magnolia farmhouse trap. Yes the displays are so charming and sweet, but these things aren’t Transitional!

Some of my favorite pieces were brass bowls, planters, and serving platters. In addition marble coasters, abstract framed artwork, and faux floral stems. Some of the items I wasn’t as crazy about which won’t necessarily fit into a Transitional styled home were farm animal artwork, faux potted greenery, and woven baskets.


Are you as surprised as I am that Marshalls made the cut? Well, truth be told the brand family of Marshall’s (Home Goods, TJMaxx, HomeSense) has really stepped up their game over the years and now offers a much more impressive array of home decor in varying styles (including, yay, Transitional!)

While the price tags at these stores will make you cartwheel down the aisle, you’ll want to pay close attention to the quality component here. After all, the old saying certainly does apply (at times) – you pay for what you get! At these discounted stores, sometimes (not always) the quality is questionable – which is why I religiously read customer reviews plus rely on in-store shopping experiences.

Here are just a few I’ve pulled from the Marshall’s online shop and if you head into any one of these stores the selections are always changing.

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